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What exactly is in my food pack?

In the image at the bottom of this page, you can find everything that will be included in the food pack.

These are pre-prepared food packs by a local company in the mountains. Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize them for dietary preferences or allergens.
The package consists of 2 boxes per person, one containing the hot meals and the other containing the remaining elements.

The food packs will be distributed by our on-site crew at an agreed-upon time and location. The food packs will be collected under your name, so it is your own responsibility to pick them up at the predetermined time and location. (Your friends cannot pick up your food pack for you, only you can )

The food packs provide you with an affordable and simple selection of meals, so it's not a culinary 'tour de force' But it does offer the basics to enjoy your vacation without having to constantly run to the supermarket.

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Updated on: 03/10/2023