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Ski/snowboard lessons

Ski/Snowboard Lessons

Yoonly collaborates closely with local ski schools to organize ski/snowboard lessons. You have the choice of different levels tailored to your experience.

Group lessons are conducted in small groups of approximately 7 to 12 people.

A week consists of four or five lesson days, with each lesson lasting 2 to 2.5 hours, varying depending on the resort and peak season. Lessons are held in either the morning or afternoon, depending on availability. The on-site instructors, who are at least proficient in English, make every effort to introduce you to the world of winter sports as a beginner or help you progress as an intermediate by the end of the week.

Ski/Snowboard BEGINNER (absolute beginner, no experience)
Ski/Snowboard CLASS 1 (beginner, minimum 1 week of experience)
Ski/Snowboard CLASS 2 (intermediate, minimum 2 to 3 weeks of experience)
Ski/Snowboard CLASS 3 (advanced, minimum 5 weeks of experience)
Ski/Snowboard CLASS 4 (expert, minimum 8 weeks of experience)

If desired, you can opt for a private instructor for yourself and/or your small group of friends. Please contact us for this option. This option is available upon request.

Voucher Yes or No?

Whether you receive a voucher for your booked ski lessons depends on the destination. If you have already received your vouchers but have not received information about your booked ski lessons, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Travelers going on a group trip through an association never receive vouchers for their ski lessons.

You can determine your level with the help of the image provided by ESF.
(The image is owned by ESF.)

Updated on: 15/05/2024