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Bus transport

Travel by coach

Optionally, you can choose to travel by luxury coach from our pick-up points in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The surcharge depends on the chosen pick-up point, destination and travel dates.
A Friday/Saturday coach can be chosen.

Our Friday buses for regular trips, always depart in the afternoon or evening and return on Sunday morning. Final departure times and the exact address of your chosen pick-up point will be communicated via your My Yoonly account from two weeks before departure. The majority of buses depart Friday evening between 16:00-24:00. The hours may vary depending on the destination and date. So always be sure to check the information page of the group trip for a more concrete estimation. Effective departure times will be communicated a week before departure via the My Yoonly portal.
You arrive on Saturday morning. Check in to your accommodation is always only after 15:00-16:00. Hours may vary per destination and accommodation. So please take this into account.

Should Friday not work out for you, it is also possible to take our Saturday buses. This way you don't have to rush if you have a catch-up exam on Friday. You also avoid the 'dead day' at arrival that the Friday buses have. With the Saturday bus, you will arrive on Sunday morning and can go straight into your flat and go skiing/snowboarding. For Saturday, there is an approximate surcharge worth €40.

Pick-up stations:
The prices below are an estimation! The correct prices can be found when booking your trip.

Amsterdam: + € 145,-
Arnhem: + € 145,-
Eindhoven: + € 140,-
Utrecht: + € 145
Zwolle: + € 150,-

Antwerp: + € 125,-
Brussels: + € 125
Ghent: + €130
Leuven: + €130
Liege: + €130,-

Beaune: + €125.-
Lille: + €135
Lyon: + €125
Paris: + €140

For group trips via associations departure times are fixed in consultation with the association according to possibilities. You can always find the timetabled hours on the group trip booking page. There is usually only one chosen embarkation point per organised ski trip.

Hand luggage (max 2kg, backpack), hold luggage (max 20kg, 80x70x30cm) and transport of your own winter sports equipment (max one pair of skis or one snowboard + one pair of ski or snowboard bones) is included. There is no surcharge, although you must comply with the baggage regulations which can be found below.

In case of insufficient interest in a particular embarkation or disembarkation point (less than 15 travellers), we reserve the right to cancel this embarkation or disembarkation point. In this case, we will reimburse a second-class train ticket to the nearest embarkation/disembarkation point.

Luggage regulations

These regulations are informative and always subject to change. The effective luggage regulations will be communicated in the information booklet you receive one week before departure.

Due to limited luggage space on the Yoonly bus, some luggage rules apply as outlined below. You are not the only traveller who wants to enjoy the comfort of travelling on the Yoonly bus, so think of your fellow travellers and make sure that your fellow travellers' luggage and equipment can also travel on the bus.

One piece of hand luggage (backpack, max. 2kg)
One large piece of normal-sized luggage (hard case or bag, max. 80x70x30cm, max. 25kg)
If ski equipment: one pair of skis and poles, preferably together in a ski bag. Ski boots should be separate, preferably in a bag.
If snowboarding equipment: one snowboard, preferably in a board bag and the bindings detached from the snowboard. Snowboard boots should be separate, preferably in a bag.
Large quantities of food (food, drink, etc.) in luggage is prohibited.

These rules are subject to absolute zero tolerance. If your luggage and/or your ski/snowboard equipment do not comply with the above conditions, the Yoonly boarding manager and/or the bus driver(s) of your Yoonly bus may refuse your luggage and/or your ski/snowboard equipment.

In that case, Yoonly will no longer be responsible for transporting your luggage and/or your ski/snowboard equipment. If a preference is given above, it is not a condition in the baggage rules but can still be requested by the boarding responsible and/or the bus driver(s) at the boarding point to arrange this if there is no other possibility.

You are at all times responsible for your luggage and/or your ski/snowboard equipment. Yoonly cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss and/or theft. Have you nevertheless lost something on your outward or return journey with the Yoonly bus? Please contact the Yoonly head office or Yoonly guide immediately so we can provide you with the necessary support to locate your lost belongings.

TIP: Provide each piece of your luggage and your ski/snowboard equipment with a name tag. You certainly won't be the only one with that one bag from that one shop, so it could happen that another traveller accidentally takes your luggage and/or your ski/snowboard equipment on arrival at destination or when returning to Belgium or the Netherlands.

Updated on: 28/06/2023