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Travel guidance & activities

Travel guidance
Yoonly is committed to a high level of quality and service before, during and after your stay. Our goal is to give everyone an unforgettable holiday. To this end, we provide:

24/7 monitoring and support
Professional and trained guides
Permanent presence of guides near the accommodation where you are staying
Presence of guides on the piste, in the accommodation and in the village
A week full of skiing, activities, après-ski and parties
SMS tracking system and daily programme presentation
Supervision on the bus, at check-in and at check-out
In addition to supervision, on-site monitors offer entertainment

Activities depend on destination to destination. You will find these in the information booklet communicated at the start of the trip. On top of these standard activities, Yoonly also offers the possibility to offer experiences at various destinations such as: ice diving, paragliding, off-piste, etc.

All our activities are non-binding and only serve as additional experiences for Yoonly stays. Everyone organises and personalises their stay in the mountains as they wish.

Updated on: 10/10/2022