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ZEN cancellation insurance

ZEN is a cancellation insurance

The ZEN insurance is a cancellation insurance that will make you completely 'zen' when booking your next winter sports holiday.

If you book the ZEN cancellation insurance, you will receive a compensation equal to the current cancellation costs after deduction of the cost of the insurance(s) you have booked. This therefore gives you a cost-free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure if you cancel with a reason included in the insurance policy. The insurance This in the form of a voucher or a refund.
If you have the correct justification for your reason for cancellation, you will receive a refund, if not, you will receive a voucher.

All covered reasons can be found in the policy conditions:
Policy conditions ZEN

!Please note that you must cancel your booking before the trip departs. The insurance will not accept cancellations not declared before the date of departure.

You must first pay the applicable cancellation fee before you can complete the process for your insurance claim. The cancellation fee can be found here:
Start-up cancellation + info costs/reimbursement

The method of reimbursement depends on the justification of the reason for cancellation:
With a valid attestation: You will be refunded 100% after deducting the cost of the insurance booked
Without a valid attestation: reimbursement by means of a travel voucher valid for 12 months.

Please note, any attested reason for cancellation must be proven by a certificate stating that you will not be able to travel during the booked period. Below is a worked example + some other valid listings.
For the full list of valid reasons, check the Policy conditions of the insurance company Assurinco.
Keep in mind that you must inform the insurance company and Yoonly as soon as possible after learning of the reason for your cancellation.

Resit exams: If you have to cancel your booking because of a resit exam/test, it is not enough to simply state that you could not come because of schoolwork. You will also have to provide proof (e.g. a confirmation e-mail/attestation) to get a cashback refund instead of a voucher.
Illness -> doctor's note
Accident, injury -> doctor's note
Death within the immediate family -> death certificate

Updated on: 15/06/2023