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SKIEUR Insurance

SkiEUR travel and assistance insurance covers the interruption of your stay, repatriation costs and medical expenses (outside the country of residence).
For more information, please consult the insurance contract.

If you have an accident during your stay and you have taken out SkiEUR insurance with Yoonly, these are the steps to follow:

Repatriation and medical expenses at Mutuaide

In case of an accident requiring repatriation (snowmobile, helicopter, ambulance, etc.) and/or medical expenses, call the Mutuaide emergency service immediately at +33 1 41 77 45 97.

Describe the situation and give as much information as possible. You will be asked for your contract number (no. 7360) and your file number (your reservation number).

After opening your file with Mutuaide, send your invoices and supporting documents by e-mail to

It is very important to contact Mutuaide as soon as possible after an accident, without notification to the insurance company, the costs will not be covered by the insurance.

Compensation of stay interruption with Assurinco

In case of an accident that prevents you from skiing or snowboarding, SkiEUR insurance covers rental equipment and ski pass for the days you cannot ski.

After the accident, open your claim with Assurinco within 5 days (website link by clicking here). You will be asked for your file number (your booking number) and the date of departure. Please note! For SkiEUR insurance, you must enter the date of the first day of the ski pass, not the departure date. Once your file is opened, you are not obliged to complete your file within 5 days.

To complete your claim, simply follow the suggested steps. You will be asked for the invoice for the interruption of your stay. To receive this invoice, please contact Yoonly's customer service department by phone on +32 3 808 69 19 or by email at

Save all your invoices and proofs that will be used to activate your insurance. We recommend you take a photo of them so you don't lose anything!

We wish you a good recovery!

Updated on: 15/06/2023