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Payment process

Payment Process

Note! When you book through the website, there are different payment procedures than when you register for a booking made trough our website or a trip linked to an association / group booking +25 people. These group trips can be booked via a separate link provided to you by the relevant group. So if you booked through a booking link and registered for a group trip, please read the specific information in blue.

Confirming the Booking

When you confirm your booking, you will receive a processing email from us, and within 48 hours*, you will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will contain your booking overview along with our payment details.

For travelers going on a group trip: You make a reservation through the booking link provided to you by the organizing association or company. To confirm your booking, you need to complete the following steps successfully:
Add travel options to your booking.
Choose the insurance you want and add it to your booking. (It is no longer possible to add insurance after completing these steps.)
Make your payment: Add a minimum amount of €50 to your booking.

You have 48 hours to complete these steps and confirm your booking. If you have not completed these steps after 48 hours, your booking will be automatically deleted.

When to Pay

Always keep in mind the payment deadlines! Late payments may result in additional charges.
Deposit - no later than 7 days after receiving the booking confirmation email
Full travel cost - no later than 30 days before departure
If you book less than 30 days before departure, you must complete the full travel cost within 7 days of receiving the booking confirmation email.

Please note! Keep in mind that there may sometimes be delays in the transfer of funds between banks. Therefore, it is recommended to make your payment immediately upon receiving the email.

Payment Methods

Pay Online - Preferred option because it significantly reduces transaction time between banks.
Bank Transfer - If there is absolutely no way to make an online payment, you can also use a bank transfer. This is only an option in case of problems. Contact customer service for this.

Checking Payments

You can log in to your 'My Yoonly' portal to check how much you have already paid for your booking. Please note that there may be a few days between when you make the transfer and when the money appears in our account.

When we receive a payment from you, we will send a payment confirmation by email. In the case of a group booking, this email is only sent to the main booker. This email will also indicate if there is an outstanding balance on the booking, so the main booker can keep track of everything.

Note! It may take 3 to 4 working days for the payment to appear in our system due to delays with certain banks. Don't forget the payment deadlines!


Yoonly Payment Details

There are two ways to check Yoonly's payment details.
Via your booking on the My Yoonly website
At the bottom of the confirmation email you receive after booking
The first email you receive after booking is not the confirmation email. This is the processing email with your booking overview. If the accommodation and room type(s) of your choice are still available, we will approve your booking and you will immediately receive your confirmation emails with the booking overview and our payment details.

Booking and Payment from Abroad Possible
This is not a problem! As mentioned above, you can find the payment details at the bottom of the confirmation email and on the website, where you will find all the information regarding your booking.

Paying a booking made trough the My Yoonly website

(This is for a trip booked through the Yoonly website, not a group booking (+25p) linked to an association or company)

The head booker pays the full amount or you pay seperately by bank transfer
In the confirmation email, you will find a link to your Yoonly account under payment details. Once the login is successful, you can choose to pay only the deposit or the full travel cost immediately. Once you have confirmed your choice, you will be directed to the payment portal to complete your payment.

However, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer. You will find our bank details in the confirmation email you received from us. You can forward these details along with the structured message (OGM-code) to your fellow travelers so that each person can pay separately. Once we have received your payment, we will send a payment confirmation to the main booker.

Always keep a record of who has paid what. The main booker is the ultimate responsible person and our point of contact if the full payment is not received. Keep in mind that if you change options after booking, the total price of the trip will be adjusted. It is your responsibility to keep track of what you still need to pay in case of a change in the booking.


Keep in mind that if you booked a trip trough a website you will have to pay a deposit for your accommodation on site in cash or creditcard.

Updated on: 20/10/2023