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Deposit for your stay

Deposit via Swikly

Associations, student associations, groups of +25 people, and company winter trips:

For a smooth arrival in the mountains without the hassle of checks, stacks of cash, or searches for credit cards, we have chosen Swikly, your virtual key to a carefree start of your journey! Through the Swikly platform, you will digitally arrange your deposit with the accommodation provider before arriving at your destination.

Why is a deposit reserved for my stay?

The deposit is like a guardian angel for both you and our accommodation provider. It is a temporary reservation on your account or payment card, intended to cover any potential damages that may occur during your stay.

By settling the deposit digitally before departure, we ensure that you can enjoy a worry-free stay. It enables the accommodation provider to ensure that the accommodation is in optimal condition, allowing you to focus on what is truly important: having fun in the mountains!

A deposit encourages responsible travel behavior. We believe in respecting the accommodation and our partners so that future guests can also enjoy a fantastic stay.

During check-in, the accommodation will conduct a quick inspection to ensure that everything is in top condition. If no damages are found, the deposit will be simply released after your stay.

How does the deposit work?

Within 14 days before departure, you will receive an email from our platform, Swikly. Through this email, you can easily complete your registration and have your bank or account details approved by Swikly. Your deposit of €200 will not be directly debited but temporarily reserved on your account. Don't worry if Swikly deducts a test amount of €0.1; this will be immediately reimbursed.

This reserved deposit will only be used by the accommodation provider in case of reported damages during or after your stay. In all other cases, the amount remains untouched in your account.
We also encourage everyone to settle any potential damages directly with the on-site accommodation provider upon departure. This way, everything is resolved immediately during

No Deposit, No Key!

Make sure to arrange your Swikly deposit before going on a ski trip. It's the key to a smooth check-in and guarantees a carefree stay with Yoonly.

Deposit for those who booked a trip via the website (groups under 25 people)

A deposit is required per apartment in the booking. For the deposit of your apartment, you must provide cash, a check (FR), or a credit card/Visa for the on-site accommodation provider.

So, make sure you have enough cash or a Visa/credit card for the deposit of your stay.

Yoonly is not responsible for your deposit

We want to remind you that Yoonly is not responsible for the regulation of the deposit for your stay.

This process is managed by the accommodation provider.

What does this mean for you?
The accommodation provider will determine the policies and procedures for the deposit. This includes the reservation and any debits in case of damages during or after your stay.

Updated on: 29/11/2023