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I had an accident and DO NOT have skieur insurance

I have an accident on my ski holiday, what now?

Is there an emergency or do you need urgent assistance for which you cannot reach us, example outside office hours? If so, contact the local authorities immediately:

SAMU (medical urgencies): 15
POLICE (police): 17
POMPIERS (fire ambulance): 18
European emergency number: 112

Did you NOT book SKIEUR insurance when booking? Then you can find below what steps to take:

Do you have your own travel insurance? Then contact this as soon as possible!
Keep all necessary documents and invoices for your hospitalisation and/or insurance

Contact someone of your homefront to help you if you're unsure if you have a travel insurance or not. Don't wait taking contact with the insurance, most of these have policies that ask you to contact them asap.
Check with your home medical insurance what they cover and check with your family if they have any insurance that would cover you abroad.
Keep track of all the bills and tickets no matter if you're sure you have an insurance or not.

Repatriation costs

Only in exceptional cases are you insured for repatriation costs in the event of any incident on the slopes. More specifically, for the route of repatriation between the location of your medical incident on the slopes and the medical centre or hospital in the village or valley. Some examples of such repatriations or evacuations: helicopter, snowmobile, ski berry, etc..

This is often overlooked, so check with your insurance company before you leave. Not sure or got confirmation that this item is not included in your insurance policy? Then be sure to check out the solution(s) below:

The ski resorts themselves also offer such an insurance formula when selling their ski passes. By default, this insurance is not included in your ski pass booked through Yoonly, but you can still book it at the ski pass office at your destination.

Take your ski pass to one of the ski pass offices in the village and inquire about the insurance package(s) they offer. For all French ski resorts, this insurance is called 'Carré Neige'. Prices vary by destination, but are around €3 per person per day.

Updated on: 21/06/2023