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Change / add a booking

Change personal details on Yoonly account
Click on 'My Yoonly', log in, go to 'My details' and then click 'Change your details'.

Change booking
Modify travel options
Up to 30 days before departure, you can change your travel options yourself via your booking in My Yoonly.
You may have to make an additional deposit/refund after changing your travel options. You can track the remaining amount in your My Yoonly booking on our website. Please note the 7-day payment period for the outstanding balance.

EXCEPTION - Insurance packages included in your booking cannot be changed. They are 100% confirmed automatically 24 hours after booking and are completely personal. _
Should you wish to change the insurance, please contact us as soon as possible after booking (within 24 hours). We will then amend your booking with the correct details. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Booking an additional person
The more the merrier! If you wish to book an additional flat, you simply have to book this online under another main booker. The person who wants to book an extra flat then logs in as the main booker, for example.

If you have an empty bed in your room and would like to book an extra person, this is certainly possible. Please contact us. Please note that there may be extra costs for changing a booking.

Updated on: 06/10/2022